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The world’s leading IP strategists
IAM Strategy 300 2014

The IAM Strategy 300: The World’s Leading IP Strategists identifies the world’s top IP strategists - individuals who in-depth research has shown to possess the skill sets necessary to work with IP owners to maximise the value of their patents, copyrights, trademarks and other rights.

Each year, Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) researchers in the United States, Europe and Asia speak to a wide range of senior corporate IP managers, as well as third-party IP service providers, in order to identify these IP leaders. Only those individuals nominated multiple times by different parties as outstanding IP strategists are listed in the IAM Strategy 300.

Because the IAM Strategy 300 is a guide designed for senior executives working inside IP-owning organisations, we decided that to qualify for inclusion, an individual could not be employed by an operating company – even though there are many excellent IP strategists operating in the corporate world. All other individuals working in IP-related professions are eligible.

For this edition, we worked on the assumption that everyone who appeared in last year’s publication should be listed once again. Our thinking was that you are unlikely to be a world-class IP strategist in 2013 and then cease to be one in 2014. However, we did contact all relevant individuals in order to confirm that they continue to work in the IP strategy space. Some no longer do and so were removed; others did not respond and so we took their names out too. In addition, we asked everyone listed in 2013 to nominate other people who they felt merited inclusion. Once a person received a minimum of three recommendations from outside their own organisation, we undertook an extensive research process to assess their claims. This involved telephone interviews, email exchanges and the scrutiny of references. Most nominees did not make it through; those who did are listed in the following pages. The selection procedure is always strictly applied because our overarching aim is to ensure that only those individuals who possess exceptional skill sets – as well as profound insights into the development, creation and management of IP value – feature in the IAM Strategy 300.

All individuals who made the final list, and who stated they wished to be included, are featured in this publication. Although it is not possible to buy a place in the IAM Strategy 300, everyone was offered the opportunity to take out an enhanced biography for a fee. All enhanced biographies have been edited into IAM house style by our sub-editors – the content of the biographies, though, was supplied by the individuals concerned.

A detailed index lists the world’s leading IP strategists by areas of specialisation. All of the people featured in this guide were asked to identify which areas applied to them. However, it is not always the case that there are easy fits. Therefore, it is important to note that the categories are for guidance purposes only. They are not intended to provide definitive information and should not be used as if they do. If you wish to get a better understanding of what an individual in the IAM Strategy 300 does, it is strongly recommended that you contact that person directly.

Joff Wild

Intellectual Asset Management

Featured strategist

Barry Brager

Managing Partner - Perception Partners
Barry Brager

Barry Brager is a Certified Licensing Professional® and founder and managing partner of Perception Partners®. He brings a unique combination of expertise in analytics and marketing to the firm’s diverse teams, tools and techniques. In his role, Mr Brager helps clients to leverage innovation and intellectual property fully with technology investment, business development and transactional solution suites that have supported decisions related to billions in financial transactions.Mr Brager is also the CEO of Starpound Corporation. Starpound is an IP management company that licenses technology to turn mobile phones into remote control devices. Mr Brager holds four ... View full biography

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