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Welcome to the online home of the IAM Patent 1000 2014

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the IAM Patent 1000 2014 The World’s Leading Patent Professionals, the third edition of our unique guide to leading private practice patent professionals and firms in 41 of the world’s key jurisdictions. To the best of our knowledge, the IAM Patent 1000 remains the only one-stop-shop guide exclusively dedicated to listing, and writing about, best-in-class patent prosecution, licensing and litigation practitioners on a global basis. In this edition, for the first time, we also take a look at expert witnesses, with a listing in the US section of the guide of leading individuals in this crucial area. All in all, therefore, what was already recognised as a vital source of information for those looking to identify market-leading patent expertise at both the individual and firm level has now become even more indispensable.  

Patents are now centre stage in a way that they have never been before. Whether it be major international litigations in the smartphone industry, portfolio purchases by social media businesses, the acquisition of companies in the pharmaceutical sector or the procurement of world-class software rights, incisive advice from lawyers and attorneys is now a must. The very best patent practitioners and firms combine in-depth knowledge of the legal process with the ability to understand the client’s business and what is at stake. They then use their insights to develop strategies tailored to the client which bring value far beyond the fees they charge. When playing for high stakes, such a skill-set is not a luxury; it is absolutely essential. Thus, the ability to locate the top individual practitioners, as well as attorney and law firms, which provide patent-related work to the highest standards is crucial. This is where the IAM Patent 1000 comes in.

Over a period of five months, a dedicated IAM research team based in London and Hong Kong conducted detailed interviews with hundreds of private practice lawyers and attorneys, as well as the users of their services, in countries across the world. The aim was to identify the practitioners and practices that companies turn to when only the best will do. In the United States, we also asked interviewees to name the expert witnesses they call on when they need world-class input on both damages and technical issues. The firms and individuals listed on the following pages are the results of that research.

All those listed in the IAM Patent 1000 are included because we received substantial positive feedback about them from multiple sources. We do not claim that we have managed to find every top name in every jurisdiction covered; but we are confident that we have included the vast majority, and that everybody who is named fully merits inclusion. A detailed methodology which explains the research process, as well as how our researchers decided who should finally be listed, can be found on page 3.

In addition to the editorial on leading practitioners and firms, you will find directories at the end of each country section (and the 18 regional sections and expert witness section in the United States), in which biographical details of some of the individuals listed are featured. Towards the end of certain sections, another directory also provides further information about some of the firms which are listed. All those who were selected for inclusion in the IAM Patent 1000 were offered the opportunity to publish this information for a fee – some decided that they wished to, while others declined. Inclusion in the editorial is in no way linked to this: the research was conducted entirely independent of any commercial considerations.

Joff Wild
Intellectual Asset Management

Featured firm

Adams & Adams

Adams & Adams is a leading South African law firm, specialising in IP law and general commercial legal services. It is one of the biggest South African law firms, with a large IP law practice supported by a strong commercial, property and litigation practice. The firm’s IP practice is the largest in Africa and the Southern Hemisphere, and since March 2012 includes the IP practice of Bowman Gilfillan. Grounded in 106 years of legal excellence since its founding in 1908, it is characterised by a strong commitment to professionalism, blended with a progressive vision of efficiency and expertise. Client care and partner accessibility are two of the practice’s ... View full profile »

Featured lawyer

Louis Myers

Louis Myers

Partner - Lando & Anastasi LLP

Louis Myers is a partner at Lando & Anastasi LLP and a founder of the firm’s life sciences practice. Dr Myers has almost 25 years’ IP experience in the life sciences, including in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry and pharmaceuticals. He works with public and private companies of all sizes and stages of development, with a heavy concentration in venture-funded start-ups and medium-sized companies. Dr Myers also works with a broad spectrum of other entities, including private equity firms and venture capital funds, which invest in or evaluate life sciences companies and technologies.Dr Myers provides comprehensive strategic counselling to company management on ... View full biography »

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While it may have faltered somewhat in recent months, the Turkish economy has been one of the fastest growing in Europe since the turn of the decade. With robust electronics, automotive, defence, textile and other industries driving domestic innovation, patent-related activity is increasing on both sides of the contentious/non-contentious divide. Given the country’s sizeable population, multinationals are also keen to protect, exploit and enforce their patents here. Clients have a small but cosmopolitan selection of outfits to choose from. View full rankings »