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Welcome to the online home of the IAM Patent 1000 2013

Welcome to IAM Patent 1000 2013 – The World’s Leading Patent Professionals, the second edition of the world’s most extensive guide to leading private practice patent professionals and firms in the world’s key jurisdictions. To the best of our knowledge, the IAM Patent 1000 is the only one-stop-shop guide solely dedicated to listing, and writing about, best-in-class patent prosecution, licensing and litigation practitioners on a global basis. As a result, it has already become recognised as a leading source of information for those looking to identify market-leading patent expertise at both the individual and firm level.

Patent-based deals and major disputes continue to attract widespread attention; while in the United States, the roll-out of the America Invents Act is having a significant impact on how rights owners manage their portfolios. In Europe, too, change is in the air, with the prospect of a unitary patent court and a single patent right covering much of the European Union now a distinct possibility. In various other parts of the world, patent law and practice are moving ever closer to the heart of the corporate agenda. All around the globe, it seems that policy makers, companies, investors and financial markets have realised that patents are highly valuable business assets whose creation, management, protection and exploitation can boost revenues, build profits and drive economies. Thus, the ability to locate the top individual practitioners, as well as attorney and law firms, which provide patent-related work to the highest standards has never been more important. This is where the IAM Patent 1000 comes in.

Over a period of five months, a dedicated, six-person IAM research team based in London and Hong Kong conducted detailed interviews with hundreds of private practice lawyers and attorneys, as well as the users of their services, in countries across the world. The aim was to identify the practitioners and practices that companies turn to when only the best patent work will do – whether that be in terms of procurement, transactions or disputes. The firms and individuals listed on the following pages are the result of this research.

All those named in the IAM Patent 1000 are there because we received substantial positive feedback about them. While we cannot claim to have captured every top name in every country that we cover, we can say with some confidence that we have included the vast majority. And we are certain that everybody who is listed deserves to be there. A full methodology detailing how the research was conducted, as well as the subsequent decision-making process about whom to include, can be found on here.

In addition to the editorial on leading practitioners and firms, you will find directories at the end of each country section (regional sections for the United States) in which biographical details of some of the individuals mentioned are featured. Towards the end of the publication, another directory provides further information about some of the firms which are listed. All of those selected for inclusion in the IAM Patent 1000 were offered the opportunity to publish this information for a fee – some decided that they wished to, while others declined. Inclusion in the editorial is in no way linked to this: the research was conducted entirely independent of any commercial considerations.

Joff Wild
Intellectual Asset Management

Featured firm

De Vries & Metman

The Netherlands, despite being a relatively small country, plays an important role in the field of patents, hosting a branch of the European Patent Office. An increasing share of the oral proceedings in patent prosecution examination and opposition proceedings is dealt with at this branch. Furthermore, the Netherlands is the gateway to Europe for many products, which partly explains the fact that the Dutch patent court in The Hague is often approached for decisions in international patent litigation cases.De Vries & Metman (DVME) is a top-tier firm of patent and trademark attorneys. The firm was established in 1995 and now has 18 patent attorneys, including two US ... View full profile »

Featured lawyer

Arwed A Burrichter

Arwed A Burrichter

Equity Partner - COHAUSZ & FLORACK

Arwed A Burrichter is a registered European and German patent attorney. He prosecutes and litigates European patents and provides strategic advice on patents and supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, organic chemistry and polymer chemistry.Dr Burrichter has frequently served as lead patent counsel in various important pan-European pharmaceutical and chemistry-related cases. As such, he has a substantial track record in European Patent Office (EPO) opposition and national nullity proceedings.Besides his litigation and EPO opposition work, Dr Burrichter maintains an extensive patent prosecution docket for his clients.Dr ... View full biography »

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The ongoing economic turmoil in Greece means that times remain hard for patent practitioners. Filings are low – although this is at least partially due to a traditional lack of innovation-heavy industries. However, while prosecution work may be thin on the ground, the contentious arena is relatively busy, with the pharmaceutical sector in particular proving a hotbed of activity. Commentators report that Greece is generally slow to adapt to international judicial trends, and attempts at progress are impeded by a sluggish court system. As a result, may settlements occur outside the courtroom and alternative dispute resolution is a popular option. Due to the nature of the Greek ... View full rankings »