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IAM IP Monetisation Yearbook 2012


IP for all: why monetisation needs a whole-business strategy

The business of intellectual property is no longer about finding ‘Rembrandts in the attic’. Instead, IP decision makers must devise strategies that aim at broader business goals View PDF

How to build a world-class licensing programme

New business models and a growing anti-patent trend are changing the business of licensing. The challenge for licensing programme managers in this evolving landscape is to find ways of delivering greater value to customers View PDF

IP monetisation in India: exploring the options

With an ever-growing appetite among its new consumers, India offers exciting IP portfolio opportunities that may yield income directly or drive the wealthcreating effects of enhanced reputation and goodwill View PDF

Impact of the America Invents Act on patent valuation

The newly enacted America Invents Act has comprehensively overhauled the patent system, with several key changes likely to impact on the patent monetisation process View PDF

Technology transfer offices: a boost to licensing in Mexico

A drive towards establishing organised technology transfer offices in universities has obvious benefits for domestic companies, but may also encourage multinationals to locate their R&D activities in Mexico View PDF

Ten rules for choosing a non-practising entity

The universe of non-practising entities has grown dramatically over the past 10 years; companies with quality patents to monetise should consider 10 key factors when choosing which to work with View PDF

To sell or to license - that is the question

Many factors play into the decision to sell or license an IP portfolio. However, in large corporations the competing views of different departments may further complicate the issue View PDF

Licensing across borders: Chinese prospects

For companies that embark on crossborder licensing, an awareness of cultural and language issues is as important as legal knowledge in addressing and avoiding potential problems View PDF

Redefining the role of the IP steward

By reimagining the role of the IP steward within a company and utilising alternative models of intangible asset management to maximise value in an increasingly opensource and Linux-based world, companies can make the most of their assets and resources View PDF

Post-agreement monitoring of licensing deals

As IP rights owners are increasingly realising, some licensees are more trustworthy than others. A few key factors may prove crucial when enforcing a licensing agreement View PDF

Licensing in the age of open innovation and collaboration

In the multi-player world of new technology, collaborative strategies such as innovative clusters can connect the innovative capabilities of smaller companies to the market reach of large corporations View PDF

Courtroom developments and their impact on patent monetisation

When the value of a patent is tied to the ability to enforce it, what happens in the courtroom affects negotiations in the boardroom. Three trends in US litigation continue to have a key impact on monetisation and licensing View PDF

Fifty shades of licensee: selecting the right licensees to increase IP value

In the IP licensing arena, an evolving licensing arrangement is important in order for both parties to maximise the benefits and minimise the risks of the relationship View PDF

PatentBooks: a civilised revolution in patent licensing

Large quantities of patents related to a specific product or service can now be licensed in a single transaction by using a PatentBook – leading to more efficient licensing and a fairer distribution of the revenue generated View PDF

IP asset due diligence in emerging economies: a primer

While emerging economies offer an attractive new market for the creation, investment and licensing of IP assets, transactions in such economies are complicated and the risk of loss or failure is high View PDF

Portfolio monetisation through the divestiture of patent rights

Companies are keener than ever to monetise their intangible assets by selling their patent rights, but in order to ensure that the assets’ true value is realised, they first need to put in place a carefully structured divestiture programme View PDF


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