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    Roundtable articles

    China: the inside track - IAM Issue 62

    Six Chinese legal experts offer their insights on recent and ongoing developments affecting IP owners in the country View PDF

    China 2011 – a review - IAM Issue 51

    Four leading lawyers based in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong discuss recent IP developments in the People’s Republic of China View PDF

    Finding a way through the EU patent litigation maze - IAM Issue 49

    Europe may claim to be a single market, but when it comes to patent litigation, this is certainly not the case. Five experts discuss the challenges that this fragmented reality presents View PDF

    A busy patent year in the United States - IAM Issue 46

    Three leading attorneys look at developments in the US patent landscape during 2010 View PDF

    Inside China - IAM Issue 43

    A special roundtable on recent developments affecting IP owners in China View PDF

    More change in the USA - IAM Issue 39

    A special roundtable examining the latest developments in the United States reveals that it has been another year of big changes in the world’s most important patent marketplace View PDF

    Nordic knowledge - IAM Issue 37

    In this special roundtable, leading IP lawyers from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden discuss the key developments and issues in their respective jurisdictions View PDF

    Brand best practices - IAM Issue 35

    A special roundtable discussion focusing on the brand creation and management process View PDF

    The truth about China - IAM Issue 33

    The reports about IP and China in the mainstream media and the actual truth are often two completely different things, say a panel of experts taking part in this special roundtable View PDF

    The US’s ongoing patent revolution - IAM Issue 31

    The patent landscape of the United States continues to evolve. Three leading IP professionals on the front line of change discuss what it all means View PDF

    Navigating the European litigation maze - IAM Issue 26

    Litigating the same patent in more than one European jurisdiction is complex, costly and time consuming. But often it is unavoidable View PDF

    The Asian perspective - IAM Issue 25

    Four experts from some of the leading firms in Asia and the Pacific Rim discuss key IP issues facing their jurisdictions View PDF

    Inside the US’s perfect patent storm - IAM Issue 24

    Supreme Court decisions, reform initiatives in Congress and changes at the USPTO mean that the patent landscape is shifting dramatically in the US. Whether this is for better or for worse is a different issue. Four experts give their opinions View PDF

    Inside the Nordic market - IAM Issue 23

    Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden punch way above their weight when it comes to intellectual property. Experts from each country explain the current lie of the IP land in Europe’s far north View PDF


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