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Page 1 of 4 Archive - June 2007

Jacob speaks out in favour of the EPLA

The IP Kat blog is rerunning a paper written by Robin Jacob, the UK’s pre-eminent patent judge (and some time enemy of at least one EPO Board of Appeal!), on why Europe needs the EPLA. It is well worth reading. One thing I would quibble over is his statement that users want “a simple, cheap and predictable system”. I am not sure that is always the case. It is my understanding that there are lot of users of the European patent system – in the life sciences ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 29 June 2007 @ 12:00AM
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Dickinson leaves GE

I am hearing that Todd Dickinson has left GE, where he was vice-president of intellectual property, the first person tohold this role in the company's long history. He is being replaced by Carl Horton, who has been with the company for a number of years. I do not have any more details, but this is a pretty sudden event. Dickinson has been closely involved in the lobbying around the Patent Reform Act and there were no public indications that he was anything other than fully ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 29 June 2007 @ 12:00AM
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Ropes & Gray drops Fish & Neave name

One of the oldest names in US intellectual property is set to disappear. The Fish & Neave IP Group of Ropes & Gray, formed when the venerable and top-rated US boutique merged with Ropes & Gray on 1st January 2005, will today lose its name and separate identity, meaning that IP will be just like any other practice area within the firm. Fish & Neave traced its origins back to the late 19th century and during its 125-year existence it represented a string of ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 28 June 2007 @ 12:00AM
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New UK government department confirms PM's IP focus

It is interesting that one of the first decisions taken by the UK’s new Prime Minister Gordon Brown was to break-up the old Department of Trade Industry (DTI) and replace it with two new government departments, one of which is to be known as the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS). The UK Intellectual Property Office (formerly the Patent Office), previously a part of the DTI, will now come under the auspices of DIUS, which will be headed up by John Denham, ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 28 June 2007 @ 12:00AM
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The rise of the IP litigation analyst

Here’s something new, at least to me: an analyst at an investment bank who specialises in monitoring US court cases in intellectual property. The bank is Stifel Nicolaus and the individual is a woman called Rebecca Arbogast. I came across her in an article I was reading on the latest developments in the Verizon v Vonage dispute, that is now at the CAFC and which this blog has been following intermittently over the last few months. Arbogast has been following the case as well and ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 27 June 2007 @ 12:00AM
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Antiguans look to hit the US where it hurts

On the face of it, a trade dispute between the tiny Caribbean island of Antigua and the United States is only ever going to have one winner. But anyone who thought the Antiguans would throw in the towel and accept that the US was not going to comply with a finding that restrictions it places on internet gambling – a major money spinner for the islanders – are illegal under WTO rules would be wrong. Instead, the Antiguans have identified a way of hitting back that could be ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 26 June 2007 @ 12:00AM
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Europe, the US and patent reform

I have met Pieter Hintjens and spoken with him at length. We have also exchanged a number of emails. He is even writing an article for the next issue of IAM! For those who do not know him, Pieter not only runs his own business, but is also president of both the FFII and EUPACO. He was one of those who argued passionately and successfully against the introduction of the CII Directive into Europe. His views on patents are important because he represents a powerful strand of opinion in ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 25 June 2007 @ 12:00AM
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EPO conference may mean CII Directive is back on the agenda

Anyone interested in patents for software and/or computer implemented inventions in Europe should make a date in their diaries to attend an EPO conference on the subject taking place on 5th July. Although there are not a whole lot of details yet, the programme already looks to be promising as it seems to be bringing together all strands of opinion to discuss the issues involved. One of the afternoon sessions is about quality; which should prove very interesting given recent ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 22 June 2007 @ 12:00AM
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It's time for some straight talking from the EPO

Earlier this week I published a blog which, among other things, talked about comments made by Wim van der Eijk, Principal Director of the International Legal Affairs and Patent Law Department at the EPO, who said: “Patents are granted too easily … We need to have a more critical look, and steer policy in the direction of less, but stronger patents.” I did not know the context, but at a time when the EPO is granting more patents than ever before, I did say I ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 21 June 2007 @ 12:00AM
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Novartis cries foul in India

The Spicy India IP blog is reporting that there has been a further twist in Novartis’s challenge to the Indian Patent Office’s decision not to grant protection to its anti-cancer drug Glivec. The drug company has formally objected to the presence of S Chandrasekharan on the panel of the Intellectual Property Appellate Board that will hear its appeal on the grounds that he was Controller of the Patent Office at the time the original refusal to grant a patent was made. The ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 21 June 2007 @ 12:00AM
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