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Page 1 of 3 Archive - February 2013

Transparency of a kind may work for Microsoft while harming many others

Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith announced at an event held in Washington DC last week that the company would be making details of it patent holdings publicly available online. The pledge – intended to demonstrate Microsoft’s commitment to greater transparency– came as part of a raft of proposals for improving the patent system outlined by Smith at a Capitol Hill briefing held by BSA | The Software Alliance and the US National Association of ...

Posted by Jack Ellis, IAM Magazine on 26 February 2013 @ 2:04PM
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French state considers measures to "protect" Alcatel-Lucent patents

Reports that the French government is considering whether to take a stake in Alcatel-Lucent have re-emerged. According to Bloomberg, unnamed sources “with knowledge of the deliberations” have indicated that one of the motivations for doing so would be “to protect the unprofitable network equipment maker’s patents”. Back in December, this blog looked at rumours that authorities in France were considering the establishment of some kind of “patent ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 24 February 2013 @ 3:01PM
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Chinese authorities plan to take action on bad faith utility model and design patent applications

The Chinese utility model and design patent regimes have mainly driven the surge in patenting activity we have seen in the country over recent years. As a result of generous subsidies offered at the local government level and certain tax breaks available to patent owners, tens of thousands of Chinese entities have applied for and received both kinds of right.  What makes both utility model and design patent protection so attractive is that there is no substantive examination ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 22 February 2013 @ 2:36PM
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Major bank doubles valuation of Blackberry patents following publication of The US Patent 100

One of the largest banks in Canada has more than doubled its valuation of the Blackberry (RIM) patent portfolio, following the publication of the US Patent 100 in issue 58 of IAM magazine. In a briefing paper dated 7th February, analyst Gus Papageorgiou of Scotiabank - the third largest in Canada by deposits and market capitalisation - explains that the data contained in the 100 feature, which was prepared by Erin-Michael Gill, the chief IP officer of MDB Capital Capital Group, ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 21 February 2013 @ 2:20PM
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Member states put pen to paper and sign up for EU patent court; but there’s still a long way to go

The majority of European Union member states today signed an agreement to establish the Unified Patent Court (UPC), which will hold jurisdiction over the planned EU-wide patent right. However, the agreement still requires ratification by at least 13 countries before it is implemented – and domestic political concerns could yet derail the scheme. Twenty-four member states signed the agreement, including Italy – which had originally opted out of the proposed unitary patent, ...

Posted by Jack Ellis, IAM Magazine on 19 February 2013 @ 3:49PM
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Only one week left to cast your vote for the IP Hall of Fame 2013 - don’t miss out!

The search for 2013’s inductees into the IP Hall of Fame will close in just one week. So, if you know of someone who you believe deserves to join this prestigious group of IP thought leaders, be sure to nominate them before the process closes on 25th February.  Nominees can belong to the past or present day and can come from any faction of the IP community - whether business, the law, academia, politics or finance.  Click here to cast your vote. Once the process ...

Posted by Sara-Jayne Clover, IAM Magazine on 18 February 2013 @ 4:24PM
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President Obama takes aim at "trolls", but fails to appreciate the complexity of the patent market

Barack Obama has put the cat among the pigeons with comments made during a Google Hangout. Answering a question from an entrepreneur who claimed that she and others are “worried” about being “targeted by software patent trolls” and that one potential solution may be reducing the term of software patent protection to five years, the US president replied that while the America Invents Act had taken some steps to tackle the problems that entities “just ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 17 February 2013 @ 4:37AM
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IP owners will need to reassess their UK litigation strategies in light of costs reforms

At an AIPPI UK event held in London this week experts discussed how reforms aimed at reducing the cost of civil justice in England and Wales will impact on IP litigation strategy. Court of Appeal judge Lord Justice Jackson made a number of recommendations aimed at reducing civil litigation costs in England and Wales in his December 2009 report (the ‘Jackson Report’). Details on the implementation of his proposed changes which have specific implications for IP matters can ...

Posted by Jack Ellis, IAM Magazine on 16 February 2013 @ 9:53AM
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Google’s first ever patent infringement suit picks holes in BT’s privateering strategy

Litigation that Google launched against BT concurrently in the United States and Britain this week marks the first instances where the US company has sued another for patent infringement. Google’s wholly owned subsidiary Motorola Mobility has initiated patent litigation since being taken over by the Californian company and Google itself has assigned patents to its Android partners for assertion purposes in the past, but these two cases regarding BT represent the first time where ...

Posted by Jack Ellis, IAM Magazine on 15 February 2013 @ 4:19PM
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The market, not legislators and judges, is best placed to tackle perceived patent problem

An article on the CNN Money website looks at how the Open Invention Network has developed since it was founded in 2005. OIN was set up as a defensive patent aggregator on the initiative of IBM – and with the support of Philips, Novell, Red Hat, NEC and Sony - to provide a level of protection for Linux-related open source software, whose health these founders all had quite a stake in ensuring. Coincidentally (or not), it was formed at a time when Microsoft was making increasingly ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 14 February 2013 @ 7:02PM
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