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Page 1 of 2 Archive - August 2012

Huawei spends big on lobbying in effort to improve its US image

Huawei’s spending on lobbying in the United States has increased dramatically in the past year, part of a trend that has seen a number of large Chinese businesses seeking to improve their standing on Capitol Hill. Marbridge Consulting reports that Huawei quadrupled its outlay on lobbying from $200,000 in the first half of 2011 to $820,000 during the same time period this year. The company is one of the biggest telecoms outfits in the world, but it currently has a poor ...

Posted by Helen Sloan, IAM Magazine on 30 August 2012 @ 10:58AM
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The rise and rise of China as an IP superpower

Here’s something I bet you did not know: in 2010, 82.6% of all utility model applications filed in the world were filed at China’s State IP Office. In numerical terms, that equates to 409,836 out of a total of 496,000. Second place Germany saw 17,006 applications, or just over 3% of the total. While this number is the biggest, you’ll find further proof of China’s IP superpower status by looking at all the categories covered in WIPO’s IP Facts and ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 28 August 2012 @ 7:16PM
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An exquisite FRAND patent litigation dilemma for global competition authorities

The use of standards essential patents as litigation weapons has been much on the mind of authorities recently. In both the US and Europe, senior officials have expressed concern at the way in which companies do and/or could assert FRAND-related rights to curtail their competitors. Indeed, in the EU both Samsung and Motorola Mobility are under investigation by the competition DG over their use of FRAND patents, following complaints from Microsoft and Apple. In a speech earlier ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 27 August 2012 @ 1:33PM
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Apple's triumph could also be very good news for the likes of Kodak, RIM and Nokia

Perhaps the most extraordinary thing about Apple’s slam dunk, home run, golden goal, six hit (insert other hyperbolic sporting term here) victory over Samsung in San Jose’s courthouse yesterday was just how quickly it took the jury to reach a verdict. Although the nine jurors heard days of in-depth testimony and were provided with thousands of pages of documentary evidence, the deliberations leading to their decision to award Apple over $1 billion in damages took less ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 25 August 2012 @ 9:00AM
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China should tackle patent quality problems; but doing so will not fix its innovation deficit

With well over one million annual patent applications and a patent office that is home to only around 5,000 examiners, it would be a surprise if patent quality were not a major issue in China. And, as this blog has previously noted, it certainly is. For further confirmation of that, and for the most in-depth discussion of the subject you are ever likely to read, you would be well-advised to refer to Dulling the Cutting Edge: How Patent Related Policies and Practices Hamper Innovation ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 23 August 2012 @ 6:21PM
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Domestic political considerations in the UK could well decide the EU patent's fate

European politicians like to have long summer holidays, but come September they will be back at work and dealing with the wide range of major problems that currently afflict the continent. Although it may well be pretty far down the overall agenda, one issue that has exercised the patent community in the EU and further afield is the fate of the unitary patent and court. The issue was supposed to have been decided by now and many thought that it had been at the end of June when after ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 22 August 2012 @ 3:22PM
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Why would Google and Apple be allowed to depress the sales value of the Kodak patents?

The Wall Street Journal has put the cat amongst the pigeons with a report it published last Thursday in which it claimed that sources close to the Kodak patent auction had stated that Google, Apple and others (including Intellectual Ventures and RPX) are thinking about getting together to bid up to $500 million for the portfolios on offer. This is a sum far below the $2 billion plus that Kodak has previously stated the patents could be worth. Initially, it had been thought ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 21 August 2012 @ 6:35PM
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More fears for pharma IP rights in India as Novartis heads for the Supreme Court

India’s attitude towards pharmaceutical patents comes under the spotlight once again this week as Swiss multinational Novartis heads for the Supreme Court in Delhi in a last-ditch attempt to attain patent protection for its cancer drug Glivec. Concern about IP rights in India for the pharmaceutical sector is already heightened: the Novartis case follows a highly controversial compulsory licensing decision earlier this year relating to Bayer’s anti-cancer treatment Nexavar; ...

Posted by Helen Sloan, IAM Magazine on 20 August 2012 @ 1:34PM
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The top blog stories in July and the most read over the last year; now it's holiday time

Summer has sort of arrived in the United Kingdom, and the Olympics definitely have. It’s time for the IAM blog to take a break and head off on its holidays: sport, books, a bit of gentle exercise and general recharging are in order after what has been a very busy seven months. We’ll be back in action in the week beginning 20th August; but until then, here are a couple of lists for you. First the most read stories posted in July, a month in which we had 23,226 individual ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 03 August 2012 @ 12:02PM
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IP investment pioneer to run new fund in partnership with IP Value

Peter Holden, former head of IP investments at Coller Capital, has teamed up with IP Value to develop a fully integrated investment and strategic IP monetisation vehicle. Holden has assumed the role of senior vice-president of investments and acquisitions at IP Value, where he worked prior to joining Coller, and will manage a fund that has the flexibility to work on the full range of IP investment opportunities, from niche to big ticket, while being able to handle transactions ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 02 August 2012 @ 10:30AM
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