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IV faces up to a much more challenging market

Richard Lloyd, Intellectual Asset Management | 20 Aug 2014 | Read Blog

Launch of new zone represents a significant watershed for Unified Patents

Richard Lloyd, Intellectual Asset Management | 18 Aug 2014 | Read Blog

We are taking a break; see you again on 1st September

Joff Wild, IAM Magazine | 16 Aug 2014 | Read Blog


Promise of federal protection brings new hope for critical US IP law[premium]

The United States lacks a strong framework for protecting trade secrets at the federal level. However, proposed legislation could be about to shake things up and provide new protection in this area Full text

Court rules on (fashion) design law

The District Court of The Hague recently issued a judgment in a case involving well-known clothing brand O’Neill and Scandinavian clothing manufacturer L-Fashion. The subject: the design of a ski jacket. The decision demonstrates the importance of protecting and monitoring IP rights. Full text

New law gives privacy protection to individuals’ communications records

The Taiwanese legislature recently amended the Communications Protection and Monitoring Act. Pursuant to the amendment, a prosecutor must obtain an order from a competent court in order to gain access to an individual’s communications records and identification information stored by a telecommunications service provider or an internet service provider. Full text

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Association of University Technology Managers

Association of University Technology Managers

The Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) is a non-profit organisation with an international membership of more than 3,200 technology managers and business executives. AUTM members — managers of intellectual property, one of the most active growth sectors of the global economy — come from more than 300 universities, research institutions and teaching hospitals, as well as numerous businesses and government organisations.


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