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In its early years the unitary patent system will be an option in the EU, but not the only one

The European unitary patent and the unified patent court system through which it will be enforced are well on the road to creation. In a series of articles running through June and July Alan Johnson, a partner at UK law firm Bristows, discussed a number of issues that actual and potential patentees in Europe must consider when developing strategies for the new regime. And as those who read them will know, it’s all rather complicated – tp say the least (links to all the ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 30 September 2014 @ 12:00PM
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Big US tech companies face major patent losses in the post-Alice world, IAM research reveals

The potentially catastrophic effects of the Alice v CLS Supreme Court decision on the patent holdings of the US’s biggest technology companies are laid bare by the IAM blog today. Research undertaken by IP data company ktMINE on behalf of the blog reveals that tens of thousands of assets owned by the likes of IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, Google and Cisco could be threatened by the judgment, which was handed down in June and has since led to a series of software patent rights ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 27 September 2014 @ 11:24AM
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Invention on demand firm reveals ambitions with hire of top dealmaker; expect more big news soon

Peter Holden, senior vice-president of investments and acquisitions at IP Value, has left the firm to become the president of ipCreate. The move is a further sign that ipCreate – founded by John Cronin and Marshall Phelps – is looking to significantly beef up its presence in the IP market.  ipCreate already has strategic partnerships with ipCapital, the IP consultancy that Cronin founded in 1998 after spending 17 years at IBM, and with crowd-sourcing  patent ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 26 September 2014 @ 5:02PM
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As more controversy engulfs WIPO, silence is not an option

Mystery surrounds the status of a preliminary evaluation of a Report of Misconduct filed by WIPO deputy director general James Pooley against the organisation’s Director General Francis Gurry. In the report, which was filed at the start of April, Pooley alleged that Gurry had violated the fundamental human rights of senior WIPO staff in relation to DNA samples taken from them without their consent and made claims about a procurement process that ended favourably for an Australia ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 22 September 2014 @ 5:32PM
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Headline patent litigation figures in Japan may not tell the full story

Everyone knows that patent litigation in Japan is unusual and that when a dispute does end up in court the chances are that the plaintiff is not going to come out of it feeling very good about life, right? In fact, it was an issue that was discussed by Terry Ludlow of Chipworks in a presentation that he gave during the recent IPBC Japan in Tokyo. This, he suggested, might reflect many Japanese companies' unwillingness to be as aggressive as they could be in seeking to ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 21 September 2014 @ 11:26AM
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If Alice v CLS is the game-changer some believe, software patent values may be about to collapse

When the Supreme Court issued its decision in Alice v CLS  back in June it would be fair to say that many of the initial reactions canvassed by IAM were generally pretty muted and along the lines of not a huge amount has happened. Now, however, it looks like a strain of thought is emerging in the US that, in fact, the decision was a game-changer and that software patent protection in the country has been seriously eroded. Certainly, that is the view of Gene Quinn over on the ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 14 September 2014 @ 3:42PM
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New white paper provides further information on IP market best practice standards initiative

The LES (USA and Canada) has published a white paper which sets out some of the issues around the potential for creating best practice standards for IP licensing and other marketplace activities. It follows up on a focus group meeting in Chicago in late July organised by LES and attended largely by senior representatives from operating companies, NPEs and intermediaries at which the idea was first discussed in-depth. Written by Bill Elkington of Rockwell Collins, who is co-chair of ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 12 September 2014 @ 6:20PM
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The potential in the Japanese market is unmatched almost anywhere else in the world

If there was an over-riding takeaway to come out of the IPBC Japan event we held last week in Tokyo it is that big Japanese companies are now very seriously engaging with the whole notion of IP value creation. We had senior representatives from over 40 of the country’s biggest businesses with us at the Okura Hotel, operating across a wide variety of industry sectors, and they listened very carefully indeed to what was discussed in the sessions that took place. It’s been ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 09 September 2014 @ 3:31PM
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London to play host to debate on patent value and valuations

If you are in London on 16th September you should come along to a discussion on the subject of "Patents and Value" which will see lawyer Neil Wilkof, a regular contributor to the IP Finance and IPKat blogs, swap views and perspectives with myself, IAM editor Joff Wild. The event is being hosted in the centre of town (Holborn) by patent and trademark attorney firm EIP. It will run from 5.30 pm to 6.45 pm, and will be followed by refreshments.  Among other things we ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 07 September 2014 @ 3:37PM
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Japan's one trillion yen IP trade surplus, but maybe it could be a whole lot more

The first-ever IPBC Japan got underway this morning at the Okura Hotel in Tokyo. We have just over 200 delegates with us for the one-day event, 70% of whom come from operating companies. It’s a great turn-out and we have already heard some fascinating presentations from and discussions among our speakers. It is impossible to report on everything that has happened, so following – in usual IPBC reporting format – are a few bullet points highlighting some of the issues ...

Posted by Joff Wild, IAM Magazine on 04 September 2014 @ 8:37AM
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