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Investors prefer other forms of IP value creation over enforcement, says report

IP Wales has published an interim report today that highlights several companies traded on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM) which could present rich opportunities for investing in patents. The report’s authors also present evidence suggesting that patent owners can elicit a positive response from investors by emphasising the collaborative, rather than the confrontational, aspects of their IP strategies. The study – titled ...

Posted by Jack Ellis, IAM Magazine on 22 April 2014 @ 3:57PM
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New insurance move may indicate that RPX is planning for a future without patent acquisitions

RPX announced yesterday that it has launched a new service offering to provide insurance against patent assertions, underlining what may be a fundamental shift in its business model. The firm has been granted approval to act as a coverholder at prestigious insurance market Lloyd’s of London. As a Lloyd’s coverholder, RPX will offer marketing, underwriting and claims management services on behalf of a syndicate of insurers at Lloyd's, enabling that syndicate to ...

Posted by Jack Ellis, IAM Magazine on 17 April 2014 @ 6:00PM
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Busy times ahead for IP professionals as upsurge in high tech M&A activity predicted

The findings of a recent survey suggest that the M&A market is expected to rebound this year after a fairly quiet 2013, with intellectual property slated to be the key driving factor in many deals. The ‘2014 M&A Outlook Survey Report’ - which is compiled by KPMG and Mergers & Acquisitions magazine and can be downloaded here - surveyed over 1,000 M&A professionals working in corporations, private equity firms and investment banks. A positive ...

Posted by Jack Ellis, IAM Magazine on 15 April 2014 @ 3:01PM
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Foreign appetite for US patents is not a sign of waning innovation

A recent story in Inc. magazine appears to bemoan the fact that more than half of all US patents are granted to entities from outside of the country. But the foreign appetite for US patent assets ought not be seen as a negative reflection on US innovation; and it should provide food for thought for US policymakers as they mull over proposals for patent reform legislation. In 2013, 51.9% of patents granted by the USPTO were issued to foreign entities. “There's probably no ...

Posted by Jack Ellis, IAM Magazine on 11 April 2014 @ 12:58PM
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New online platform attempts to plug crowdfunding’s IP protection gap

Last month saw the launch of KarmaKrowd, a new online crowdfunding platform that will offer IP and marketing expertise to inventors, start-ups and entrepreneurs seeking finance for their projects. The website’s inclusion of these services alongside its funding platform could significantly reduce some of the IP risks that the crowdfunding model presents both for SMEs looking for capital and for investors. Crowdfunding platforms act as online portals between those seeking ...

Posted by Jack Ellis, IAM Magazine on 10 April 2014 @ 1:49PM
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Patent study reveals the companies best placed to profit from LED boom

An upcoming report from IP analytics firm iRunway has shed light on which companies are leading the field in light-emitting diode (LED) patent holdings. LED lighting has a broad array of uses, with the technology potentially having applications in areas including commercial, residential and street lighting, digital communications, and displays for televisions, personal computers and mobile devices, among others. According to the study – a pre-release copy of which can be ...

Posted by Jack Ellis, IAM Magazine on 08 April 2014 @ 12:26PM
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New rankings emphasise the importance of patent quality in the US

In the latest issue of IAM – which is now available for subscribers to view online – we feature two separate analyses that each has its own take on measuring patent quality: the US Patent 100 and the Ocean Tomo Ratings survey. After first putting together the US Patent 100 around this time last year, IP-focused investment banking firm MDB Capital Group has again teamed up with IAM to compile a list of those entities possessing the 100 largest portfolios of USPTO-granted ...

Posted by Jack Ellis, IAM Magazine on 07 April 2014 @ 10:25AM
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Wi-LAN is the latest PIPCO to build for a future beyond telecoms patents

Wi-LAN announced on Tuesday that it has obtained a portfolio of patents relating to automotive headlight technology. The acquisition follows Panasonic’s transfer of 900 semiconductor-related patents to the Canadian NPE late last year. These two deals are further examples of a publicly traded IP company (PIPCO) seeking to diversify beyond its core area of technological expertise to enhance its patent monetisation opportunities and provide a more attractive proposition for ...

Posted by Jack Ellis, IAM Magazine on 03 April 2014 @ 3:06PM
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Largest active US patent portfolios, leading US prosecution firms and much more in IAM 65

The latest issue of IAM magazine is now available for subscribers to view online. Back in issue 58, we teamed up with IP-focused investment banking firm MDB Capital Group to unveil the names of the 100 entities which own the largest, fastest growing and most recognised portfolios of active US patents. About 12 months have passed since we published that inaugural list. In issue 65 we update the US Patent 100 for 2014. While you will see many familiar faces, there are also a ...

Posted by Jack Ellis, IAM Magazine on 01 April 2014 @ 3:53PM
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More patents in Canada’s oil industry could mean more collaboration, not less

Canadian energy companies are filing four times as many patents relating to oil and gas technology today than they were 10 years ago, Reuters reported last week. Comment in the Reuters piece mainly focuses on the development being very bad news. "This has had the effect of slowing a lot of innovation down and a lot of meaningful practical day-to-day improvements have been delayed," Merle Johnson, chief operating officer at Connacher Oil and Gas, told the news agency, ...

Posted by Jack Ellis, IAM Magazine on 31 March 2014 @ 1:18PM
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