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Page 1 of 5 Author - Helen Sloan

A new way to solve patent disputes in Asia

Costly litigation is not the only avenue open to companies who find themselves in the midst of a patent dispute. Expert determination can be a useful alternative – either as a standalone solution or as part of a broader resolution process. And for those facing IP battles in Asia, this option has just become considerably more accessible in the region. Singapore’s IP Office (IPOS) is currently rolling out a new service as part of its offering at the Arbitration and Mediation ...

Posted by Helen Sloan, IAM Magazine on 18 October 2012 @ 3:12PM
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Yet more pharma patent woes as Indonesia issues batch of compulsory licenses

Asia has delivered another blow to the global pharmaceutical industry: it has emerged that Indonesia has joined India and Thailand in issuing compulsory licences for a number of drugs that are still under patent. They are all products used to treat HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis B, affecting patents held by Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Abbott and Gilead. One of the drugs – Merck’s Efavirenz - comes off patent next year, however the rest have until at least 2018 ...

Posted by Helen Sloan, IAM Magazine on 16 October 2012 @ 2:23AM
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More joy for Indian generics as Roche loses major infringement case

Indian company Cipla has triumphed over Roche in Delhi’s high court in a decision that is likely to delight India’s booming generics manufacturing industry, while causing considerable alarm for multinationals in the pharma sphere. The Swiss company had sued Cipla for infringing its cancer treatment Tarceva with a generic version called Erlocip. But while the court upheld the validity of Roche’s patent, it also found that Cipla had not infringed, as its product does ...

Posted by Helen Sloan, IAM Magazine on 20 September 2012 @ 8:11AM
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Reports of poor IV performance in Asia may be far too premature

Intellectual Ventures took its first steps into Asia in 2005, later securing a dedicated Invention Development Fund for its operations in the region. Questions have been raised, however, about this fund’s performance. A Forbes article in June called it a “complete disaster”, reporting: “It is yet to distribute a single penny to its investors and according to UTIMCO [University of Texas Investment Management Company – an investor in the fund], its IRR is ...

Posted by Helen Sloan, IAM Magazine on 14 September 2012 @ 11:28AM
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Japanese companies must learn that patents are not enough

Japanese companies’ failure to translate their innovation and patents into revenue was starkly illustrated in a talk from Makoto Ogino at the LES Asia Pacific conference in Tokyo this week. Currently a professor in the graduate school of innovation studies at the University of Tokyo, Ogino is also general manager of the intellectual property division of Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc, making him well-placed to observe the way that changes in the global economy have affected ...

Posted by Helen Sloan, IAM Magazine on 06 September 2012 @ 10:07AM
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Huawei spends big on lobbying in effort to improve its US image

Huawei’s spending on lobbying in the United States has increased dramatically in the past year, part of a trend that has seen a number of large Chinese businesses seeking to improve their standing on Capitol Hill. Marbridge Consulting reports that Huawei quadrupled its outlay on lobbying from $200,000 in the first half of 2011 to $820,000 during the same time period this year. The company is one of the biggest telecoms outfits in the world, but it currently has a poor ...

Posted by Helen Sloan, IAM Magazine on 30 August 2012 @ 10:58AM
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More fears for pharma IP rights in India as Novartis heads for the Supreme Court

India’s attitude towards pharmaceutical patents comes under the spotlight once again this week as Swiss multinational Novartis heads for the Supreme Court in Delhi in a last-ditch attempt to attain patent protection for its cancer drug Glivec. Concern about IP rights in India for the pharmaceutical sector is already heightened: the Novartis case follows a highly controversial compulsory licensing decision earlier this year relating to Bayer’s anti-cancer treatment Nexavar; ...

Posted by Helen Sloan, IAM Magazine on 20 August 2012 @ 1:34PM
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Next Chinese patent auction will be biggest yet, organisers state

Barely 18 months ago there had never been a patent auction held in China. Next month, CTEX, (the China Technology Exchange, a state-owned technology and IP transfer organisation) will launch the country’s third, in an example of the PRC’s increasingly sophisticated IP transactions marketplace. The first patent auction in China was held by CTEX in 2010, and saw 28 out of 70 lots sell for a total price of RMB 3 million (US$450,000). Although not a huge sum of money, the ...

Posted by Helen Sloan, IAM Magazine on 31 July 2012 @ 10:14AM
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Can creating a hub really help to fix India’s many IP problems?

India has seen a couple of developments that are intended to establish the central city of Nagpur as an IP hub for the country. In a press release issued on Saturday, the government announced the opening of a new home for the National Institute of Intellectual Property Management (NIIPM). The new building sees the NIIPM renamed in honour of Rajiv Gandhi, the former prime minister who “laid the foundations of the information age in India”. At a ceremony to mark the ...

Posted by Helen Sloan, IAM Magazine on 26 July 2012 @ 7:57AM
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Growth in China helps keep Novartis from the patent cliff

Switzerland-based Novartis is one of a number of leading global pharma companies that has reason to worry about the patent cliff: its top-selling product, hypertension drug Diovan, comes off patent in September. However, the company has just reported better-than-expected results for the second quarter of 2012, part of which is attributed to strong growth in China. The company announced on Thursday that sales across all emerging markets were up by 6%, and by an impressive 23% in ...

Posted by Helen Sloan, IAM Magazine on 23 July 2012 @ 7:43AM
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