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Intellectual Asset Management
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Recognising the IP masters[premium]

While hundreds of nominations are received, only a select few individuals are chosen for induction into the IP Hall of Fame each year. The achievements of this year’s inductees confirm their status as thought leaders in their respective fields Full text

Degeneration into a generic name: companies are victims of their own success

The aim of every trademark owner is for its trademark to become well known on the market. However, this success can backfire when a trademark becomes so well known that consumers start to think that it is a generic name for the underlying products or services. Although this might appear to be the ultimate compliment, such development may lead to the downfall of a trademark. Full text

You have a patent – now what?

Once you have obtained a granted Australian patent, preliminary steps can be taken to enforce your rights without necessarily instigating court proceedings, such as a cease and desist letter and customs actions. Careful consideration should be given to an intention to send a cease and desist letter as there are risks associated with making allegations of infringement in Australia. Full text

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Association of University Technology Managers

Association of University Technology Managers

The Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) is a non-profit organisation with an international membership of more than 3,200 technology managers and business executives. AUTM members — managers of intellectual property, one of the most active growth sectors of the global economy — come from more than 300 universities, research institutions and teaching hospitals, as well as numerous businesses and government organisations.


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