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Special offer for IAM blog readers: 30% off IPBC Asia 2014 tickets

Jack Ellis, IAM Magazine | 26 Aug 2014 | Read Blog

IV faces up to a much more challenging market

Richard Lloyd, Intellectual Asset Management | 20 Aug 2014 | Read Blog

Launch of new zone represents a significant watershed for Unified Patents

Richard Lloyd, Intellectual Asset Management | 18 Aug 2014 | Read Blog


Promise of federal protection brings new hope for critical US IP law[premium]

The United States lacks a strong framework for protecting trade secrets at the federal level. However, proposed legislation could be about to shake things up and provide new protection in this area Full text

CCI focuses on abuse of judicial process during IP rights enforcement

Over the past few years the Competition Commission of India (CCI) has taken up a number of cases involving the enforcement of IP rights. The latest IP case on the CCI’s roster is a complaint against JC Bamford (JCB) by Bull Machines alleging that bad-faith litigation by JCB intended to harass and prevent the commercial launch of a competing backhoe loader. Full text

Delhi High Court analyses circumstances for grant of interim injunction

The Delhi High Court recently decided a suit for permanent injunction brought by Sandeep Jaidka to prevent infringement of his registered patent, which pertained to a device enabling a four-dimensional cinema experience by producing heating, cooling and aromatic effects corresponding to scenes of the film. Full text

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